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Homemade Dates-Figs Toffies

A delicious alternative to chocolate & co

Do you feel like something sweet? Here is a suggestion, quickly made, healthy, vegan and delicious.

One half dried figs and dates
One half ground almonds
Cocoa powder, coconut chips

Grated orange or lemon zest, vanilla pods, cocoa. According to your taste you can use only one of the ingredients or mix them all.

You soak the dates and figs in water until they are soft.

Drain the water and dab the fruit. Then mash the fruit with the bar-mixer and add  the ground almonds to the puree. Form balls from with the mass. Roll them in cocoa and / or coconut chips according to taste.






  1. Veronique Larcher says

    Hi Malu, I did it again! This time, I chose figues over dattes because I found dattes too sweet the first time. And with 100gr I made 14 toffees. Also used some tangerine skin which I ground with the figues … let’s see how it tastes in a few hours!

    • Hi! Good idea to use figues. Have fun playing with various ingredients. This puts variety into your menu. With love Malu

  2. Veronique says

    Hi Malu, I plan to follow this recipe next week and I have two questions:

    1) when you write “one half dried figs”, do you mean “one half kilo of dried figs”? Same question about the almonds.

    2) do the toffies stay good in the fridge? Like: I’d like to prepare them on Tuesday for a party on Thursday – will that be ok?

    • malu says

      Dear Veronique Question 1) it depends wich quantity of Toffies you want to make. You split the total in two halves. E.g. 200g almonds and 200g dried figs. 2) They stay fresh for at least three days, if kept in the refrigerator. Enjoy Malu

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