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Toothbrush Hygiene

When was it the last time, you cleaned your toothbrush? It is very simple!

You do not need to replace it too often, however I recommend cleaning your toothbrush regularly.

You need:
the used toothbrush
a glass
white household vinegar

Fill the glass with water and add a teaspoon of vinegar. Put the toothbrush with the bristles down into the liquid. After a few hours rinse thoroughly under running water.

Good to know:
Use white household vinegar. Those who prefer vinegar essence should dilute accordingly:  one part essence and four parts water.

During the vinegar bath, the bristles become again clean, since the disinfecting effect of the vinegar releases them from the germs.

It is worth repeating this process regularly.  I cannot say how often you should do it. Rely on your intuition. I take the used toothbrushes for cleaning other things in our household.

The health of the teeth and mouth is very important. Therefore, I see the cleaning of the toothbrush from germs and dirt as elementary.

Electric or sonic toothbrushes should be cleaned regularly as well. However, I do not have experience, because I do not have any.

If you are ill, it is worth disinfecting your toothbrush regularly or daily.

Of course, you can also clean them with special disinfectant solutions. Because I prefer natural cleaners, I do not have a recommendation there.

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