About me


I am a mother, a working woman and a blogerin. My name: call me Malu. I live together with my husband, my daughter and our two guinea pigs in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. For a long time I have been dealing with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I get to know myself better, it strenghtens the awareness of what I do and when I need advice from someone else. It is important to me that I am feeling well and I develop continiously.

My own fragile health has been accompanying me since I was born. This has become a guide and life aid. Various physical problems have forced me to pay more attention to what I eat, with what and whom I surround myself, what I put on my skin and how I treat my hair.

Professionally I work in the pedagogic-therapeutic field. All I write in this blog is tested on myself, and with my family and friends. Experimenting and testing has become one of my  hobbies.

I live in an apartment in downtown Zurich and therefore don‘t have my own garden. On the balcony I plant various herbs in pots and  I shop at the local fruit and vegatable market. There I find fresh ingredients, which means a lot to me. So called; organic stores and supermarkets provide stuff that does not have to be and often is not fresh.  This way of grocery shopping is on one hand somewhat more time consuming and more expensive but on the other hand I produce very little waste.