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Hand masks – simply homemade

Did you ever wonder how pricey supermarkets sell hand masks for your beauty?

I show you how you can easily make them yourself at low budget.

You need:
A good cream: I like to take a rich hand cream and/or
coconut oil
1 pair of gloves (cotton, or household gloves)

I first cream my hands with an oil and then generously add the hand cream and rub on everything. Then I put on my gloves. It is good if someone else can help you putting them on. With the creamy hands, it is very difficult to put on the gloves. Now let it work as long as possible.

Good to know:
It is very good to let this beauty treatment work over night. I put the gloves on before I go to sleep and take them off at night or the next morning when I wake up.

I like to use cotton gloves, which I found in the cosmetics department of a supermarket. If no such gloves are at hand, you can also use disposable household gloves. These disposable gloves can easily be filled with lotion. Then you put them on with your oiled hands.

Instead of the rich hand cream, you can also use Nivea body lotion.

I make a compromise with an industrially produced cream, because I find it an effective care for my hands and I have so far not found a homemade version of good quality. Should you know one, please let me know!

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