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Hammam@Home (Relaxing long-term Bath)

You want to do something good for yourself. Then try this experiment.

Relaxing and healthy at the same time! I will show you how it works.

During my 12-week detoxification cure, I allowed myself a long-term bath. In the literature I read repeatedly about it, mostly simply as a tip, never with more precise instructions or as a recommendation for a detoxification. However, my schedule allowed me to take out 8 hours for a long-term bath, which is a long time!

You need:
a long time window
a bathtub
500 g bicarbonade of soda (baking soda)
Ca 500g-1 kg bicarbonade of soda (baking soda) as a reserve
1 kg sea salt or Himalayan salt
Optional: thermometer

Make yourself a bath as described under my post contribution relaxaing bath. (Water, one kg salt, 500-gram sodium bicarbonate).  Place everything you will need within the next hours around you so that you can grab it without getting out of the bathtub.  (Music, reading material, snacks, tea, etc.) Then you enter the bathtub and the experiment begins.

How did I feel?

It was wonderful. I would not have thought that I would enjoy my time so much and would not get bored.

I had piled up books, possibilities to watch youtube movies and planned to do meditations. I did not really need much of this. I just enjoyed sitting or lying in the bathtub. Time flew by. I kept reading a bit, did a meditation or dozes in between. Overall, I can say that I would do it again anytime. I felt great and relaxed afterwards. The only downside was that the next day I felt very fragile, vulnerable and certain issues from my personal past appeared that I thought I had dealt with.

What should you to pay attention to:
The water temperature is dropping quickly. You can check it with the thermometer. Ideal is a temperature between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius. I felt it myself when the temperature got to low. Then I let warm water run until it felt comfortable again.

In I recommend rubbing off your body several times with a washcloth, a massage glove or a brush. I only used a cloth myself, which was quite enough.

After you let fresh water run, you should add in fresh baking soda.

If you do not have enough baking soda, you can also use a neutral bath salt as a base.

If you plan to take the bath during the day, organize something to eat and provide yourself with water, tea and snacks. I was lucky that my husband brought me a fresh salad at noon for lunch.

The skin feels wonderful afterwards.

During the time in the bath, you can also look after your beauty and do facial care. At the end, I also took care of my hair. However, wait until the end of the bath, especially if you use industrially produced face and hair care products. The chemical ingredients would reduce the good quality of the bath.

If you are not used to taking baths, start with a 1-hour bath and then increase time slowly. I take baths regularly and so I dared this long duration.

If you feel unwell, get out of the bath.

If you have medical problems, ask your doctor first.

How was it? If you have tried the long-term bath, I would be happy to hear your comment.

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