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Crispy Kale Chips

A winter vegetable, prepared in a completely different way – a delicious snack for you and your guests.

I always ate these vegetables steamed until I had the idea to bake kale as chips in the oven. I am thrilled how simple the preparation is. The chips are equally popular with my family, friends and guests.

You need:
cutting board and knife
gratin form (casserole dish)
coconut oil
spices: salt, pepper, paprika, or else, according to preference

Wash the kale thoroughly in water. Then cut it into 1 cm wide strips. The coarse ends of the stems can be disposed in compost. Place the cut pieces of kale in the baking form. Then season the whole thing with your favorite spices. Finally, pour a spoonful of coconut oil over the kale. I set the oven to 40-50 degrees Celsius and slowly let the Chips become crispy. The baking time depends on the setting height. Just look into the oven again and again and check with your fingers whether they are crispy enough for you.

Good to know:
This snack can also be kept for a few days when baked or dried. I put the rest in a closed container and keep it in the refrigerator.

This vegetable is a real vitamin injection. It contains many nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, secondary plant substances and amino acids.

It can also be used raw in smoothies or added to salads.

This type of cabbage is very undemanding and originates from the Mediterranean region. It is becoming more and more popular and this kind of cabbage is almost euphorically described as superfood in some articles, particularly in the USA. I would not go that far, however I think it is good for your health and it tastes well.

I buy the vegetable fresh from the market from an organic farmer from the surrounding area.

Try it out and write me your opinion about it!

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