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Enema Made easy

An enema is as unpleasant as it seems to be. When done right it is easy to apply with a home enema colonic irrigation kit and it makes you feel good. I’ll show you how.

The enema is also called colonic irrigation and is an effective way to clean your colon.

All you need is:
An home enema colonic irrigation kit with additives
Inlet liquid with boiled water
Oil or a well gliding cream (I prefer almond oil)

You tie a string to the container with which you can hang the vessel at appropriate height in the bathroom.  (E.g., to a door handle or to a box handle). Assemble the enema irrigation kit as described in its instructions.  Now clean the vessel with hot water, let water run through the hose once and then fill it with your liquid. Do not forget to close the valve. Otherwise, all the liquid will run out. Then you grease the intestinal tube with the oil or the cream.

Now you open the small tap again and let the air and some water run into the sink. Then you close the tap again and hang up your container. Now take your chosen inlet position. I prefer to lie on the floor, turned to the side and place my head on a pillow. However, there are other possibilities, like for example on your back or a four-foot position.

If you are ready in your chosen position, push the intestinal tube carefully into the anus, open up the valve and let as much water run into your colon, as it is comfortable for you. If you feel pressure, close the tap and remove the tube.

Let the liquid take effect and massage the stomach gently clockwise. Some people can hold the liquid for up to 30 minutes. I cannot do that yet. Simply no stress.  When ready you sit down on the toilet and excrete the water and the intestinal contents. Already you are done! It is not difficult at all. I usually take a rest after the procedure.

Good to know:
At the first attempt it can happen that pressure builds up quickly. Give in to that. It will get better and easier after every use. In the beginning, I did up to three runs per time.

The amount of fluid you can run in depends on the condition of the intestine. A blocked bowel absorbs much less and builds up pressure more quickly.

Always hang up the irrigator container in an elevated position. In this way, the liquid can flow better into the intestine.

The enema is a good way to cleanse the intestines.

During my 6-week detoxification treatments, I apply the procedure up to two times per week. During day-to-day life, it is recommended once or twice per month.

If you are doing it for the first time, take your time. Do it on a weekend or when you have a day off work.

As cleansing liquid, you can take anything that you would drink too. Obviously no bubbly, sugary or alcoholic liquids! You can also experiment with what you like. I have tried enemas with baking soda, nettle tea and chamomile tea. However, there are many more possibilities.

Another device for performing enemas is the klysopump. It is a hose with a small pump. I myself have no experience with that instrument.

You can buy a home enema colonic irrigation kit or a klysopump in the pharmacy or online.

If you have a medical problem, ask your doctor.

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