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Natural Hair Conditioner

Do you swim often these days? The warm summer days are ideal for a dip in the cool water.  It is good for you, only your hair does not like it. You should do something for your hair after  dipping in the water.

For years I only swam heads up to avoid that my hair was getting wet. And because of that boring way of swimming I missed a lot oft the fun. I did not want to wash my hair every day.  Since I’ve been using this method of rinsing my hair after swimming I much more enjoy the water and I feel more freedom while exercising.

For the rinsing you need:
6-8 chamomile tea bags or the equivalent amount of chamomile blossoms
½ litre of boiling water
2 lemons
1 lemon squeezer
1 spray bottle

Prepare a tea with half a litre of water and 6-8 chamomile tea bags. Let the “tea” draw for 15 minutes. You squeeze out the 2 lemons and pour the juice into the spray bottle.  Then you empty the chamomile infusion (tea) into the bottle and ……..your “Leave-in” conditioner is ready!

Good to
As the term “Leave-in” suggests, this care should not be rinsed out. Simply spray on the wet hair and it is done.

This gives your hair a beautiful shine and more freshness and softness.

In summer, when I go swimming often, the full spray bottle is always ready in my bathing bag. After swimming, I treat my my hair and I feel good about it.

There are no preservatives added. So be careful. This conditioner gets bad after a few days of storage.

Of course, you can use this hair care after regular hair washing too.

Chamomile provides a fresh shine and protects the hair from fading and other sun damage. It also regenerates brittle hair.

Malu wishes you a lot of fun while trying it out.


  1. Jody says

    Thank you for this tipp. I will try it out. It seems better than using these artificial conditioners.

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